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Creating great content and presenting it to the right people at the right time

Hi, I’m Josh Kern, and I’m a content marketer. I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years now, which sounds crazy since content marketing has only really been a “thing” for about a dozen years.

I started out in journalism in the late 1990s, but quickly realized it wasn’t for me and made the switch into marketing and copywriting. In the early 2000s that mostly meant ads, brochures and website copy (…that read like ads and brochures…), but by the end of the decade that became less promotional, more thought leadership-focused and designed to attract, educate, nurture and inspire rather than just sell.

Soon enough I moved into management and found a passion for leadership and developing other writers as well. Today I’m the content director at Brainrider, a Toronto-based agency focused on elevating pipeline marketing and helping marketers achieve their full potential.

This blog is my outlet for my personal writing, photography and random musings. You can learn more about the makeup of the blog itself in this post.

That’s me and that’s what I do! Want more?

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