This blog is built on WordPress, ‘cause WordPress is the best. WordPress allows you to use categories to sort and classify your posts; I have six at the moment. What are they, and why do I have them? Some are self-explanatory but others actually have some history behind them:

Opinions Between the Panels: Way, way back, circa 2001, I started my very first blog, although I don’t think it was called blogging back then – it was just a website. Specifically, it was a website where I reviewed comic books and I called it Opinions Between the Panels, a take-off on the title of Mike Richardson’s history of comics, Comics Between the Panels. It was short-lived. I revived it briefly a few years back. It was even shorter-lived. Third time’s the charm? So this category is where I’ll be opining on all things comic book- and geek-related.

Personal Reflections: Kind of a catch-all title, these will be my personal thoughts on… anything? I don’t think I’ll be getting too deep or too personal, but we’ll see how it goes, eh?

Photog: I take a lot of pictures. Not particularly good ones, necessarily, although sometimes I surprise myself… anyway, since part of the purpose of this blog is to host my own content, rather than hosting it on Instagram or Facebook, I plan to share some pics here.

Random Musings: Quick hits that aren’t as meaty as “Reflections”. I foresee these as being more like Facebook posts, since, again, trying to wean myself off those platforms.

Raptorama: Some more history, one of my other aborted blog projects was a Raptors blog of this same name, and I really enjoyed that one. But being a sports blogger is damn hard work – it’s pretty much a full time job, and if you have another full time job, you gotta be hardcore dedicated to it. So this isn’t a full time Raptors blog, but I’m still an NBA junkie and a die-hard Raps fan so I’ll have Raptors and basketball thoughts to share from time to time.

Working Life: I’m in content marketing, so creating and maintaining a personal blog is crossing the two streams for sure. I expect that’s part of why past blogs haven’t stuck… but now I feel like I’ve learned enough that I can do this effectively and not have it just feel like work. And, by sharing work-related thoughts, it can become a bit of an outlet as well.

So there you have it: That’s what the categories mean, and what you can expect to find within.

(And now it occurs to me: Do I need a seventh category, for general blog business…? Hmm.)

Starting over

And here we are (again). I’ve tried a few different blogs and writing projects over the years, but haven’t been able to stick with them… we’ll see if this one pans out. What to expect? Random thoughts. Geek stuff. Work stuff. Pics. Some personal stuff, too, maybe.

Let’s travel down the road and see where it takes us.