I know what’s real: Blade Runner 2049 is good

I’ll save some spoiler-ific thoughts for later but for now, I’ll just say that you should see this movie. It is really, really good. If you enjoyed Blade Runner at all, if you like science fiction, if you like any of Denis Villeneuve’s previous work, if you like film that are visually interesting and stories that are well-plotted—you can’t go wrong.

People used to movies moving at breakneck speed will complain that Blade Runner 2049 is slow, and long. These people either do not know, or have forgotten, how to watch movies. Just because it seems like nothing is happening doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see, nothing to watch. And in this film in particular, there is so much to see. Every time the movie slows down it’s an opportunity for you to take in this world and the incredible visuals that Villeneuve and Cinematographer Roger Deakins have created.

Go and see this movie.