Achiga (2018)

In 2018 Josh delivered a content marketing framework, complete with buyer personas, for Achiga. The plan included content topics aimed at each persona, at each stage of the buying journey.

The purpose of the project was to attract more website visitors and to turn those visitors into prospects and ultimately, marketing qualified leads.

Upon completion of the plan, Josh delivered four content pieces: three blogs (one for each funnel stage) and a gated asset to capture leads.

Content Framework and Personas

Following planning session with sales and marketing personnel, Josh developed a content marketing framework and buyer personas.


Following approval of the content marketing framework, Josh wrote three blogs — one for each stage of the funnel.

High-value asset

To capture leads, Josh wrote a high-value asset, “Six Telltale Signs Your Hotel Group Needs a Digital Experience Management System“, that was gated behind a submission form.

Client website: