Livingston International (2015)

In 2015, Josh developed a monthly field marketing program to help warm up leads for Livingston’s 140-person sales team. Josh developed a full, 12-month calendar, with each month having its own campaign theme (a business challenge that one of Livingston’s services helped to solve) and corresponding content.

The program’s objective was to move prospects down the sales funnel and increase revenue generated by marketing activities. Ultimately, the year-long program influenced $5.6 million in new business for Livingston.

Program Development & Execution

The program was born when sales leadership noticed that too many prospects, after being qualified as leads by marketing, were not being engaged by sales. To bridge the gap, the content marketing team was challenged to be more proactive in directly warming up leads for sales. Marketing developed the “field marketing campaign” concept to accomplish this. Sales would identify MQLs with specific business needs, and marketing would “warm them up” through various targeted activities.

Each monthly campaign consisted of 1-2 direct mail pieces and 1-2 follow-up e-mails, as well as a landing page, giving the contact at least three touchpoints before the reps followed up with a phone call. Josh wrote and designed all of the assets.

The following are samples from one monthly campaign, for prospects looking for customs brokerage help.

Direct mail: “Teamwork Matters” postcard

E-mail: “Teamwork Matters” follow-up e-mail

Direct mail: “Teamwork Matters” letter

Landing page: “Teamwork Matters”

Sales Enablement

Each monthly campaign also included a playbook for the sales reps, outlining the touchpoints and offering a script for the initial conversation. Each campaign was introduced to the sales team via a webinar hosted by Josh, and playbooks were hosted on SAVO, the company’s sales enablement platform.

SAVO Playbook: “Teamwork Matters” Field Marketing Campaign



The field marketing campaign reached more than 7,000 prospects in 2015.


25% of those prospects moved down at least one stage in the sales funnel.


Deals were closed with 21% of those influenced prospects.


Those closed deals represented $5.6 million in new business.

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