daVinci Retail (2019)

In Q3 2019 Josh developed a content marketing program for daVinci Retail, aimed at digital native retailers. The purpose of the campaign was to educate these retailers that as their business scaled up, they’d need a more sophisticated system to manage purchasing and inventory.

The campaign’s objective was to deliver more qualified leads to the daVinci sales team.

High-value Asset

The campaign was based around a high-value gated asset, “How to Scale Your e-Commerce Business,” that Josh developed and wrote.

Additional Assets

The asset was brought to market using a LinkedIn Lead Gen campaign that directed users to download the asset, followed by a simple e-mail nurture campaign.



Client saw an 11x improvement in MQLs delivered to sales over previous quarter campaign


Overall, client saw a nearly 2x improvement in MQLs delivered over all of 2018

Client website: www.davinciretail.com