EPM Live (2017)

In 2017 Josh created a series of assets for the EPM Live Project Portfolio Management platform.

The content was developed in consultation with the EPM Live team, and interviews were conducted with developers and product managers to produce assets that accurately represented the software’s capabilities and spoke to the needs of the target market.

Ultimately two assets were created to help build awareness of the platform’s capabilities and help EPM Live’s audience better understand their needs: a checklist (light asset) and an e-book (high-value gated asset). This e-book was in turn re-purposed for two different target audiences (CIOs and CFOs).

Light Asset

The light asset, “Seven Things to Look For in a Portfolio Project Management solution“, is a middle-of-funnel piece to help prospects understand their needs and potential solutions.

High-value Asset

The e-book, “The CFO’s Guide to Managing Complex IT Projects“, is a bottom-of-funnel piece that speaks directly to executives and helps them understand the need for a portfolio project management solution — and how EPM Live will meet those needs.

Client website: www.epmlive.com