Achiga: How Hotel Brands are using Data to Deliver Great Experiences

In this top-of-funnel article for Achiga, Josh explains omnichannel marketing to help hotel marketers understand that there’s no longer a divide between the way they market to guests online, or in person; that a cohesive, consistent experience is the only thing that matters.

daVinci Retail: Why every buyer needs a buy management database

In this middle-of-funnel article for daVinci Retail, Josh breaks down why retail buyers need a modern buy management system, from Excel errors to improved collaboration.

Henry’s Blog: Why Micro Four Thirds sensors make great cameras for on-the-go shooters

For Henry’s Camera, Josh wrote an article describing micro four thirds sensors and their benefits vs. full frame or crop sensors.

daVinci Retail: What is a retail buy management system (BMS)?

For daVinci, Josh helps define what a retail buy management system is, and how it compares to traditional assortment planning solutions.

Shaftesbury: Making History: The Women of Frankie Drake Mysteries & 1920s Toronto

For Shaftesbury, Josh writes up the description and details of the Frankie Drake Mysteries exhibit at Toronto’s historic Spadina Museum.

Achiga: Unlocking the Power of Personalization

For Achiga, Josh outlines the reasons why personalized marketing matters, and breaks down how modern hotel marketers are using personalization to create more engaging experiences for guests.

IPFS: Wet Signatures: Are Insurance Providers Stuck In The Past?

For IPFS, now Orchard, Josh wrote about how traditional signatures are becoming inconvenient and outdated, and how insurance providers need to offer digital alternatives.

Limelight: Five Books Every CFO Should Read This Year

For Limelight Software, Josh recommends five books that financial execs should have on their nightstand in 2018.